PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Global Identity Project,  a multi-faceted initiative aimed at creating a new brand identity for the city, has tapped hometown firm Brownstein Group to lead the first phase of the effort.

Brownstein is charged with conducting regional, national and global research to get a better grasp on the business community’s perceptions of the city – the first step in the project’s ultimate goal of making Philadelphia more attractive to global investment. Brownstein was selected from more than a dozen agencies vying for the work, the firm said.

Philadelphia is one of four cities selected to participate in the pilot project, which is backed by the Brookings Institute and JPMorgan Chase. Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Ky. are the others.

The larger project includes business, government and civic organizations joining forces to develop a shared brand strategy to distinguish Philadelphia in the global marketplace as a means of spurring trade, investment and economic relationships.

The fifth largest city in the country, Philadelphia spent years plagued by economic woes that contributed to a bad rap. Recently, however, the city has been on the rebound, and has drawn attention though hosting the 2016 Democratic Convention, a visit from Pope Francis and a Super Bowl win.

“Others have been putting labels on our city for years, and it’s time we take back ownership of our narrative so people around the world truly know what it means to be in Philadelphia,” said president and CEO Marc Brownstein. “Our businesses, universities, museums, hospitals and restaurants are among the best in the nation, and we are the perfect example of how many unique voices combine to form a powerful community. We are a city sustained by our diversity, not by stereotypes, and it is crucial that we shift perception of Philadelphia as a place of simply historical significance to a place of innovation and modern relevance.”