CANNES — Public figures must be selective about the brands they represent, said actress Laura Dern at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. 

Dern and YouTube sensation Grace Helbig were speaking during a panel entitled 'Classic Hollywood Meets the YouTube Generation: Who Are Fans Following,' moderated by Ketchum partner and head of entertainment Marcus Peterzell.

The session explored the similarities and differences between working with 'timeless' and 'real-time' talent, what the big screen and small Hollywood have in common, and how marketing can tap into both worlds successfully. 

In particularly, the focus turned to working with brands and selecting which ones to represent. "Content creators need to know their audience and be mindful of what brands they choose to work with," said Helbig, noting that most creators have carefully cultivated audiences. 

Recalling the 1970s film industry, Dern described it as an era where the 'mystique of the actor' was maintained. "Back then, there was no branding. It was more about being unreachable or untouchable. Obviously, it's changed completely now," she said. 

Instead, said Dern, the branding and advertising worlds now support the film industry. 'It's very exciting to watch the two worlds come together," Dern said, agreeing with Helbig that it is important to genuinely support the brands they work with.

"As a creator you realize your connection with your audience is very transparent and very intimate. There are opportunities as content creators to create revenue streams working with brands. But, I think myself and other creators are very mindful about the brands we work with and the kind of content we make with them," said Helbig.

Dern said that for her, it's important to have an organic connection with the cause or brand she chooses to work with. For the mother of two, working with organizations to educate children and with brands who support the environment is a natural match. 

"It's been a beautiful way to merge the two worlds to be of service," she said. 

Helbig added that brands also need to be selective about who they approach, rather than making choices based on follower numbers. "Be selective about where you want to put your energy," she said.