NEW YORK—Healthcare public relations firm Chandler Chicco has created a new multiplatform content group to help clients capture attention and move audiences to action.

“As technology evolves from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg, our jobs as communicators evolve,” says Sydney Rubin, a former reporter and senior counselor who will lead the group. “Now, we must provide context and framework to explain the stunning swirl of information that surrounds us. We need to provide a narrative story that entertains, explains, informs and touches the heart.”

MCG’s storytelling expertise is underpinned by insights from research into the science of communications, including research in neuroscience and psychology using technologies like functional magnetic resonance and eye tracking that provides new insights into how people receive, process and respond to information. 

The multiplatform content group offers content strategy; branded videos, including corporate videos, talk shows and news magazines; custom publishing; animated infographics; podcasts and podcast scripts; content aggregation and packaging repurposed content to enhance ROI; blogs and microblogs; slide shows and photo galleries; speechwriting; feature articles; opinion-editorials and commentary; copy for marketing collateral; and multimedia news releases, media communications and advisories.