CHICAGO — Cision and MediaMath, the programmatic marketing company, have struck a partnership that will allow brands to integrate data from both earned and paid media, providing a more holistic view of their performance across channels.

In doing so, the partnership bolsters marketers’ ability to more effectively measure the impact of their campaigns, providing insights that will be key in audience targeting and other tactics moving forward, the companies said.

In announcing the new venture, Cision and MediaMath said their new offering, which will leverage audience measurement and technology, will allow marketers to:

•    Deliver omnichannel audience analytics. By bringing together earned and paid media audience data, marketers will have the ability to connect different media channels with attribution systems and effectively measure the overall impact of earned media within broader marketing campaigns.

•    Amplify earned media with paid media tactics. Communications professionals can extend their earned media efforts with paid media tactics such as amplification of a press release or earned media pick up through paid channels, earned media retargeting, or guaranteed news views.

•    Optimize digital advertising with earned media data. The integration gives marketers access to earned media audience data which can be used to optimize paid media channels, inform buying decisions, and augment digital marketing data.

“For decades, communications pros have not been able to measure and attribute business results for their earned media efforts. As a result, despite widespread acknowledgement of the importance of earned media at building trust and credibility with customers, their budgets as a percentage of the marketing mix, are at an all-time low,” said Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd.

“Our innovative development with MediaMath empowers brands to directly attribute behavior, revenue, and any other business results from their earned media, and leverage that data to create a never-before-available holistic profile of customers. They can then activate that profile in an integrated, omnichannel program across paid, owned, and earned media,” he said.