With the EMEA SABRE Awards judging process coming to an end, one of our judges this morning was Hans Koeleman, director of communications for Dutch telecom company KPN Royal Dutch Telecom. Hans was taking time out of a very busy schedule: the past few days have included the company’s annual meeting and a farewell party for its CEO, Ad Scheepbouwer. With the help of Hans and his internal communications team, Scheepbouwer said goodbye to employees with a pretty innovative use of social media and technology. The video below was sent to every employee in the company, and its wistful tone—set to soul music—is unusual in itself. But what you probably wouldn’t realize watching the video one time is that it’s personalized to each employee. So when Scheepbouwer looks at the photo about 40 seconds each, it’s a photo of the individual employee viewing the video. When he pulls a file from the cabinet of “top employees,” it has the name of the individual employee viewing the video on it. Sometime over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a Creative Showcase section to the home page of the new holmesreport.com precisely to highlight this kind of innovative creative product. In the meantime, I thought it was sufficiently clever to blog about.