LONDON—MHP Communications has named current chief operating officer Gavin Devine (pictured) as the firm’s new chief executive. He replaces Sacha Deshmukh, who is to step down as chief executive of MHP and a senior partner of MHP’s parent group Engine. Deshmukh will work alongside Devine over the summer to support a smooth transition and will leave MHP and Engine in the autumn.

Deshmukh joined Engine at its creation in 2005, having previously led public affairs firm AS Biss & Co, part of the newly-formed group. Since then he led the development of the corporate communications businesses in Engine, culminating in the creation of the MHP Communications business through the merger of the Mandate, Hogarth and Penrose businesses in October 2010.

Devine worked alongside Deshmukh as deputy managing director of AS Biss and later became joint managing director of Mandate and the chief operating officer, a role he also assumed when MHP was created in October 2010. Prior to joining AS Biss, Devine was a senior civil servant in the House of Commons.

MHP Communications now has annual revenues of over £18 million and more than 150 staff, operating from offices in London, Edinburgh, Brussels and Washington, DC.