LONDON — Laura Thomas has been named DeVries Global’s first global executive VP of culture + influence, adding worldwide responsibilities to the ones she already has as head of the agency’s UK creative intelligence practice.

Thomas’ new role will focus on driving the firm’s influencer marketing practice, furthering its command of culture and trends and evolving strategies as new channels, platforms and technologies emerge.

Thomas will collaborate with global creative intelligence leader Loretta Markevics and business intelligence head Colby Vogt, as well as local and regional leaders across the network. Additionally, she will retain her position as leader of the agency’s UK creative intelligence practice, which she has had since 2014.

“The forces driving consumer communications are faster, more fluid and more dispersed than ever, with influence and influencers at the eye of the storm. Over the past several years, Laura has played an important role in our success shaping and driving influence for our clients, with innovations like co-creation and upstream design, and has a genuine passion for deciphering what’s new and next,” said CEO Heidi Hovland. “Her potent blend of intellect and instinct will serve her very well in this new role.”