NEW YORK—Edelman has launched BlogLevel and version 2.0 of TweetLevel, free tools that allow communicators to identify who is influential on a particular topic on a designated platform. TweetLevel finds influentials on Twitter, and BlogLevel does the same in the blogosphere.

Both tools are designed to offer practical intelligence for companies and brands, using a proprietary algorithm that uses forty different metrics to track and score bloggers and tweeters—in any language and country—according to their influence. People who rank highest are those who create original ideas that are amplified by others, and those who engage most meaningfully with their followers.

According to Nancy Ruscheinski, chief innovation officer, “Knowing which bloggers and tweeters are influential—and understanding who influences the influentials—helps us plan and measure effective campaigns and offer better, real-time intelligence to our clients.”

Ruscheinski adds that although the tools were primarily developed for internal use, the algorithm and tools are being made widely available because the broader application for communicators is clear, and the firm welcomes a crowdsourced approach to the tools’ evoution over time.