The Holmes Report is one again conducting a survey of the global public relations business. You can find the results from last year's efforts at our dedicated microsite. We believe the project is important, because it attempts to chart the size and growth of the global PR industry. The PR agency sector is a $10bn business, and its credibility is only enhanced by accurate numbers. The entry forms for agencies are available as doc or pdf files. Or alternatively, you can complete the survey online here using the username AGENCY and the password RANKING . The survey consists of two parts. The first (sections A-D) will form the basis of our Global Ranking of public relations agencies. With this in mind, we are eager to secure financial data from as many firms as possible to ensure that our research accurately reflects growth trends in the industry. Unsurprisingly, some firms are uncomfortable providing financial information. In that case, we are still interested in your responses to the industry trends questions (section E) as we seek to understand the growth of the industry in various geographies, practice areas and industry sectors. Please note the deadline is May 4, after which we will start estimating numbers.