Q: What are the eligibility requirements? The Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards competition is open to any campaign conducted at least in part with the Asia-Pacific region between January 2010 and June 2011. Q: Who can enter? The SABRE competition is open to anyone working in public relations, marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, public affairs, employee communications or any other field related to branding and reputation management, in consulting firms, agencies, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, or other institutions, without restriction.  Q: How many categories can I enter? You can enter as many campaigns as you like, and there are no restrictions on the number of categories you can enter. In fact, we strongly recommend that you enter your campaign in every category in which you think it may be eligible. Once you have done all the work to put a great entry together, you can multiply your chances of winning by putting it into multiple categories. Each category will have a different set of judges, and what fails to resonate with one panel will sometimes trigger great enthusiasm in another. Q: What advice do you have on formatting? The most critical element of your entry is the 2-page summary. Without a compelling summary, judges are unlikely to dig deeper into whatever supporting materials you provide. There’s no specific format for the summary—concentrate on telling a compelling story about the campaign—but a good summary will include an explanation of the challenge and/or opportunity you faced; an explanation of the strategy (including any research or insights that informed the strategy); details on the campaign execution, emphasizing any creative elements; and an overview of the results, with an emphasis on business results, if available. Q: What kind of supporting materials should I include? Optional supporting materials may include (but are not limited to) planning documents, press releases, press kits, art, videos, and press clippings. We recommend that you keep the quantity of supporting materials to a minimum. It is not necessary to include every single press release or every single press clipping—select the most impressive clips, and summarize the rest. Please do not include video unless you feel it is absolutely essential to a thorough evaluation of the program under consideration. Q: Do you require budget information? We do not require budget information and we understand that many clients are sensitive about releasing this information. If budget information is included (and many of our judges find it helpful), it will be treated in strictest confidence.