After stepping down from his post as CCO of Twitter earlier this year, Gabriel Stricker is heading back to Google, this time to lead communications and policy for Google Fiber.  

In July, Stricker announced via Twitter, that he's leaving the company just weeks after CEO Dick Costolo stepped down and interim CEO/co-founder Jack Dorsey took over. Today he used Twitter to announce his new role at Google that begins on January 4. 


Before joining Twitter in 2012, Stricker was a director of global Communications and public affairs at Google. Meanwhile, during his three-year tenure at Twitter, his role underwent a series of changes.  

Today's news of Stricker returning to Google — first reported on TechCrunch —  is fueling speculation that Google (or rather, Alphabet where Google Fiber now sits) is ramping up its plan to bring fiber-optic internet connection more broadly across the US. Google’s fiber-optic broadband and TV operates in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, Utah — with plans underway to launch in six other places. 

Last month, Re/Code analyzed how Fiber fits into Alphabet's larger business strategy.