I thought that this LG-One story for PRWeek would attract a little attention, but I must say the reaction has been rather more dramatic that I anticipated.  David Brain has chosen to get a few things off his chest and there has also been a response from LG-One global strategist Luca Penati clarifying that his new role does not involve him leaving Ogilvy PR. You can, perhaps, understand the interest. LG-One may be the first of its kind in the PR world: a 'multi-agency WPP team' that will service the global LG PR business. So far, so good. But, so soon after the Enfatico experience, it seems that every initiative of this kind is going to get tarred with the same brush. I don't doubt that this is the last we have heard of this kind of idea, either. Clients want their agencies to cooperate and they want to be as far away from conflicting business as possible. In LG's case, for example, a 33-company conflict list literally meant that no single agency could handle the business. Whether LG-One can effectively improve LG's global comms strategy, as analysed in this story I wrote for Media Asia, will be watched closely. Share