We are sure many of you have been reading media coverage concerning Hurricane Sandy, which has been causing destruction in the Caribbean in the past 24 hours and is expected to cause further problems in the North-East United States next week.

We wanted to provide you with the latest and best information we have from both media coverage and our contacts in Miami.

When we planned the Summit for the end of October, our research indicated that “hurricane season” would be over. In other words, the experts can be wrong. Having said that, most of those we have talked to over the past 24 hours expect the impact of Sandy on Miami during the three days of the Summit to be minimal.

The worst of the impact on Miami will occur tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) morning. That is when Sandy is expected to be closest to South Florida. Right now, the only flight cancelations into Miami are those from the Caribbean. 

[UPDATE: Now that Sandy has passed Florida, the Miami weather forecast is serene.]

Those of you traveling direct from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America and the Midwest or Western United States for arrival on Monday or Tuesday should not experience any flight problems – although it’s probably a good idea to check with your airline.

The best estimates are that Sandy will weaken to a tropical storm before making landfall in New Jersey on Tuesday. This means flight to and from the Washington, DC, New York and Boston area on Tuesday and early Wednesday could be impacted. Again, we recommend that you contact local authorities, airports and airlines to get the most current information.

We are monitoring the situation as best we can, and we will provide you with any additional information if the situation changes. We continue to look forward to seeing you all in Miami next week.