Another quick update on Hurricane Sandy…

Hurricane Sandy has passed Miami, so the Summit – including the outdoor cocktail reception on Monday night – will not be adversely affected by the weather.

The forecast is excellent and those traveling from Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Midwest or the Western US should not experience any problems at all.

Those of you traveling from the North-East United States will obviously need to monitor airlines, airports and local authorities regarding any travel delays. But if you can get here, it certainly looks like Miami is going to be a pretty nice place to spend the first few days of next week.

If you are planning to fly from or through the North East United States, our current best information is that Monday evening through Wednesday afternoon is likely to be the most challenging time for travel (with some variation depending on where on the Eastern seaboard you are located).

For that reason, if you have the flexibility to change your flight time so that you leave before that period and return home after it, we suggest that you consider doing so. Most airlines are allowing passengers to change their booking for no additional fee.