MIAMI—Senior corporate communicators from General Motors, Lenovo, Xerox, Viacom, and Comcast will feature on the first day of the Global Public Relations Summit, to be held in Miami at the end of October.

As part of a morning focused on the changing relationship between marketing and PR, Selim Bingol of GM and David Roman of Lenovo will be discussing the changing relationship between brand and reputation on a panel led by Fleishman-Hillard CEO Dave Senay, while Christa Carone of Xerox, Carl Folta of Viacom, and D’Arcy Rudnay of Comcast will examine what marketing can learn from PR on a panel sponsored by US agency Makovsky + Company.

They will join a lineup of speakers that includes superstars from the worlds of marketing (Marc Pritchard, CMO at Procter & Gamble); neuroscience (author David Eagleman); and media (Janet Balis of Huffington Post and Louis D’Vorkin, Forbes).

Later panels will include David Shane of Juniper Networks and Gary Sheffer of GE discussing crisis communications in the social media age on a panel sponsored by Edelman; and author Rathgeber (Our Iceberg Is Melting) discussing how smart leaders use communication to drive organizational change.

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Breakfast Roundtables
A variety of intimate roundtable discussions (groups of 10-20 for each roundtable) including Jens Bang of Cone (Corporate Social Responsibility); John Davies of California public affairs firm Davies (Communicating From Why); Alan Kelly of Playmaker Systems (Simulation and Wargaming); Luke Lambert of Gibbs & Soell (Sustainability); Ian Lipner of Lewis PR (PR Measurement), and Dominic Payling and Kelly Walsh of MSLGroup (Storytelling).

Welcome and Introduction
Paul Holmes, CEO of The Holmes Group
Harris Diamond, CEO of Weber Shandwick

Title to be announced
Description to follow
Moderator: Daryl McCullough, CEO of Citizen Paine
Speaker: Marc Pritchard, chief marketing officer, Procter & Gamble

Brand and Reputation: Friends, Foes or Lovers?
“Brand”—what you say about yourself—was the domain of marketers; CMOs defined their careers by defining their brands. A strong brand was inherently linked to strong sales. On the other hand, “Reputation”—what others say about you—was the territory of communicators. While desirable, a good reputation was rarely seen to have intrinsic financial value. The two flirted, but didn’t necessarily see eye to eye. But social media have fundamentally changed this relationship. If the two are aligned—intimately connected—a brand has a better chance to thrive. If the two are at odds, a brand’s appeal and credibility are at risk. This panel explores the barriers that have kept marketers and communicators from working together and seeks to move beyond mere attraction to truly connect brand and reputation.
Moderator: Dave Senay, CEO, Fleishman-Hillard
Panelists include Selim Bingol, General Motors; Robert Fronk, Harris Interactive, David Roman, Lenovo

Coffee Break, networking

It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Conversation: What Marketing Can Learn From Public Relations
This panel of CCOs and CMOs will explore the evolving relationship between Corporate Communications and Marketing.  In the same way that the mass-market culture of the 1950s created the need for brands, today’s social-technical culture is forcing brands to employ a new model for interacting with the public.   Given this landscape, the panel will focus on such topics as how to effectively develop integrated communications programs; key differences between the roles of communicators and marketers; situations in which Chief Communications Officers and Chief Marketing Officers work best together, and the practical value that each function brings to the other.
Moderators: Tim Kane and Matt Wolfrom, Makovsky+Company
Panelists include Christa Carone, Xerox; Ellen East, Time Warner Cable; Carl Folta, Viacom; David Roman, Lenovo; D’Arcy Rudnay, Comcast

From the Ballot to the Boardroom: Lessons from the Campaign Trail
What communications lessons can companies learn from politics? How does the rough and tumble world of politics prepare you for corporate communications? How does the daily horserace of a political campaign compare with the boardroom? Former White House communications director and campaign strategist and current Burson-Marsteller CEO Donald A. Baer, and three political experts discuss how they have successfully applied political strategies and tactics to corporate communications.
Moderator: Donald Baer, CEO, Burson-Marsteller
Panelists to be announced

Unlocking the Brain's Secrets About Creativity And Decision Making
Rob Flaherty, CEO of Ketchum, in conversation with neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman, explores how ideas and perception are formed in the brain and how unconscious decisions shape our daily lives and interactions.
Moderator: Rob Flaherty, CEO, Ketchum
Panelist: David Eagleman, neuroscientist and author


Communicating at the Speed of Risk
In the digital era, the speed of risk and the potential for far-reaching reputational consequences have never been greater. Organizations can no longer afford to have only a crisis plan; they must have a crisis capability. So how do companies operate and protect their reputations in this new normal? This panel will cover lessons learned from some recent real-world examples
Moderator: Matt Harrington, global COO, Edelman
Panelists include David Shane, Juniper Networks; Gary Sheffer, GE

Big Media and PR: Can We Successfully Align our Transformations?
As big media continue to design a business model for the digital age, the media "product" has taken on new innovative dimensions. From Forbes’ open publishing model, to The Huffington Post's content super-store, to Flipboard’s personalized newsstand, media is in a constant state of remix—and companies like Unilever, Verizon, PepsiCo and others start to morph into media themselves. How do PR organizations adapt to the remix of new media? How do teams rethink "the pitch?" How can companies best inform not only media intermediaries, but discovery engines, recommendations, and search results for a given product, company or personality? And as part, what can we learn from new media pioneers as brands themselves become publishers?
Moderator: Chris Perry, president of digital, Weber Shandwick
Panelists include Janet Balis, Huffington Post; Louis D’Vorkin, Forbes; Torod Neptune, Verizon Wireless

Coffee break, networking

Breakout Sessions. Attendees will be able to choose from:

Breakout Brands, an Evolutionary Approach to Creating Customer Passion
Learn how organizations are adopting an evolutionary approach to the traditional Challenger Brand strategy to win market share. These “Breakout Brands” focus on the customer not the competition and inspire emotional attachment that can be measured at the cash register. Just released research will detail customer perceptions about the three types of Breakout Brands: emerging, engaged and established. Panelists from each brand type will discuss the benefits of the Breakout Brand strategy and the integrated marketing techniques they use to connect to audiences with passion and create new spaces that drive business results.
Moderator: Christine Barney, rbb Public Relations
Panelists: Joe Paluska, Better Place; Michelle Weese, Duncan Hines; Toby Whitmoyer, Bacardi

Human beings are uniquely wired to understand, remember and repeat stories. Long before there was the written word there was the Campfire… the place our ancestors passed stories along from one person to the next keeping them alive for millennia before we developed the ability to write them down. The panel will cover the ingredients of successful storytelling; what a successful story does for a brand in terms of creating awareness, engagement and purchase intent; what makes a narrative repeatable and shareable and how to enlist consumers to share your brand’s story; how a compelling narrative can change your relationship with the consumer, inspire brand passion and lifetime loyalty; and how a brand narrative can assure that you are telling a consistent, compelling and memorable story internally and externally and in your paid, owned and earned channels.
Moderator: Susan Bean, executive vice president, Marina Maher Communications
Panelists include Ambre Morley, Novo Nordisk

What Barack and Mitt Are Saying About the Future of PR
Just 72 hours before Americans go to the polls, what have we learned from the way the US campaign adopted corporate communications practices and what global practices do the campaigns suggest we'll see next?
Moderator: Sydney Rubin, senior strategist, ChandlerChicco Company
Panelists to be announced

Why PR Is Poised to Lead the Social Media Conversation
Social media has caused the most dramatic shift in public relations since the arrival of email. PR professionals have naturally taken the lead in the social conversation because they are well-equipped with the skills to engage in conversation, not just broadcast messages, with the audience that matters most to their client’s brand. But while social can be a fantastic device, sometimes things go wrong—really wrong. This panel will delve into best practices for PR pros in the social space, highlighting some classic blunders as well as who’s doing it right and who’s doing it wrong.
Moderator: Michael Kempner, CEO, MWW Group
Panelists include Teri Daley, Samsung

Breakout Sessions. Attendees will be able to choose from:

The Role of Brand Journalism in PR
This session will take a look at if brands can truly become publishers through brand journalism. It will address some of the questions a brand needs to think about: How do brands think more like publishers? What do they ‘report’ on? What is the role of an embedded corporate reporter? It will also consider this from the perspective of the media: How do brands balance this with traditional media relations and engagement with traditional media? What are the ethical issues and needs to raise standards for industry?
Moderator: Morgan McLintick, executive VP US, Lewis PR
Panelists include John Earnhardt, Cisco; Jesse Noyles, Eloqua

Defying Gravity; How Great Leaders Shift Organizations by Shifting Attention
All significant progress requires a shift.  Management lives in the present; its role is to effectively and efficiently execute on what needs to be done. Leadership lives in the future; the role of leaders is to focus the organization’s energy and momentum on what matters most. And there is no great leadership without great communication. This panel will highlight the critical role communication plays, using several “shift scenarios” as examples. 
Moderator: Maril MacDonald, CEO, Gagen MacDonald
Panelist: Holger Rathgeber, author, Our Iceberg Is Melting

Marketing as a Spectator Sport
Thanks to social media and its all-access culture, brand marketing is closely watched not just by insiders but also by consumers. In many cases, the marketing campaign itself becomes a tabloid story, where brands become either instantly famous or dangerously infamous. Panelists will how social media activity adds to the overall brand experience and how its instantaneous nature means a loss of control and inherent marketing risk for companies and will discuss and debate the long-term brand impact of instant social media commentary and fevered consumer participation in marketing campaigns.
Moderator: Jim Joseph, North American CEO, Cohn & Wolfe
Panelists to be announced

The Promise and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing
PR people know that brands aren't built just through carefully orchestrated ad campaigns or splashy publicity stunts. Perceptions are also formed through the news stories of the hour and the timely stream of online conversations about brands.  Marketers need to retool their communications practices to engage and create content more nimbly to take advantage of fleeting opportunities, online and off. In this lively panel, communications experts from blue -chip consumer and b2b brands will debate the business impact of real-time marketing, share practical tips for adding it to your communications mix, and predict what the future holds for early adopters.
Moderator: Jeff Beringer, EVP digital innovation, GolinHarris
Panelists: Stuart Jackson, Everything Everywhere; Abby Klanecky, Dow Chemical Co.; Rick Wion, McDonald’s