LONDON—H+K has teamed up with Hyper Island to launch a new training initative, as part of the development of London into the PR network's first 'center of creative strategy.'

The 'Collider Programme' begins with a three-day masterclass entitled 'Experiments in an Accelerating World', which will be developed in London before being deployed around the world.

The programme, which aims to foster creativity across the firm, is developed by Hyper Island, the creative business school that has worked with the likes of Google and Target, along with numerous agencies.

H+K chief creative officer Simon Shaw said the move was part of the firm's "inside-out strategy."

"Our ambition is not just to be the leading agency in our own sector but one the leading ag encies in world of communications and this has to start with our culture," said Shaw. "We want to build and attract the best talent from both inside and outside our sector and signpost change in a real way."

Hyper Island partnership director Jon Barnes added that H+K is "investing in their people's creative potential and also capitalising on a big opportunity in PR, the fact that creativity isn't owned by one siloed department."