CANNES — Hill+Knowlton Strategies has unveiled a new influencer mapping dashboard called Sherlock+, which aims to identify people that have the most impact across eight different industries and 45 core topics.

Built in partnership with Brandwatch, the dashboard creates ‘VIP lists’ of key influencers across each subject, in a bid to help companies look beyond the "usual suspects".

“The way we work with influencers has changed, evolving from a purely PR led exercise to something marketers can leverage to create bigger value,” said Vikki Chowney, director of content and publishing Strategies at H+K. "The usual suspects aren’t the only option, and when they get overused, it’s no good for anyone. Sherlock+ is our solution to this black book fatigue."

Sherlock+ employs data-driven network analysis of the interactions, engagements and relationships that surround 'super-influencers', who are then ranked according to true impact, all in real-time. The firm notes that influencers can help command much more interest and user interaction with brands.

The Sherlock+ launch comes as influencer marketing continues to raise issues for agencies and brands, particularly around pricing and transparency.