Last year, the Holmes Report introduced its first-ever Innovator 25  feature that shines a spotlight on those who outdo – and in some cases, challenged – clichés around innovation, with the body of work to show for it. Now in its 2nd year, the Holmes Report will launch the next edition of the Innovator 25 later this month.  We launched the Innovator 25 last year because, as we all know too well now, the scope, structure, language—indeed, the very definition—of public relations is changing. In our inaugural Innovator 25 2013, we recognized those, who throughout the course of their careers, have pushed the industry forward and set a new bar for innovation. Those who made the cut in 2013 included Lewis DVorkin, Ashley Brown, Marian Salzman, Cricket Wardein and John Bell, among 20 other innovators. In a few weeks, we'll unveil the 2nd edition of the Innovator 25. Just like last year, the 25 honored were carefully selected via a detailed process that involved nominations, input from industry leaders, along with the Holmes Report's own editorial insight. Who do you think will make the Innovator 25 in 2014?  Featured image is a portion of last year's Innovator 25, the 2014 list is coming soon.