LONDON—Independent PR consultancy leaders from across the EMEA region have joined the jury for the 2017 SABRE Awards competition.

Among the independent agency founders and principals on this year’s EMEA SABRE jury are:

  • From Belgium, Aart van Iterson, senior board director at Cambre Associates;
  • From Bulgaria, Maria Gergova-Bengtsson of United Partners;
  • From France, Elodie Monchicourt-Lecuyer of Matriochka;
  • From Germany, Michael Schroeder of Orca Affairs;
  • From Israel, Matthew Krieger of GKPR;
  • From Italy, Fiorenzo Tagliabue of SEC PR;
  • From Norway, Andreas Thue of Iteo and Kristian Hvilen of Rud Pedersen;
  • From Russia, Natalia Bucelnikova of Buman Media;
  • From Spain, Emma Cid of Torres y Carrera;
  • From Turkey, Kerem Ayirtman of Cpartner;
  • From the UAE, Majdi Al Ayed (pictured) of TRACCS;
  • And from the UK, Chris McCafferty of Kaper, Debby Penton of Wildfire, Jo Carr of Hope & Glory, Lisa Bradley of Pegasus, Miki Haines-Sanger of Golden Goose, and Rachel Bell of Shine.

They join previously announced jury members representing some of the leading global PR firms and serving in in-house corporate communications roles. Full EMEA jury here.

“The quality of our judges is a major factor in setting the SABRE Awards apart,” says jury chair Paul Holmes. “Senior executives from independent PR firms come from 12 markets large and small across the EMEA region, but they bring an international perspective to the peer review process that ensure the quality of our award winners.”

The EMEA region SABRE Awards are now open and accepting entries. The deadline is January 30, 2017. Our website includes a complete list of categories for this year’s competition,  and tips for crafting a winning entry.