NEW YORK—Lou Hammond & Associates is officially changing its name to Lou Hammond Group. Along with the name change, the company has adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and website. Founder and CEO Lou Hammond says the new name reflects the evolving scope of the agency, adding, “Recent staff additions and expanded services in branding, advertising and digital were the catalyst for the name change.” 

LONDON—Manifest London Limited and Manifest New York are now both wholly-owned by Alex Myers, following a deal that sees minority shareholders Nev Ridley and Shaun Beaumont sell their stake in the business. They will be part of Manifest Group, which also included content division O. Sister agency Manifest Communications, based in Leeds and owned by Ridley and Beaumont, will be renamed ilk and undertake a comprehensive rebrand.

NEW YORK—BritishAmerican Business, a leading transatlantic business network, has formed a partnership with Instinctif Partners, an international business communications consultancy, to share insights and drive dialogue between companies and policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic. The partnership will leverage the public policy insights of Instinctif Partners and the corporate relationships of BAB on behalf of US companies looking for guidance on "Brexit" and other political uncertainties in the transatlantic space.