Entry form and guidelines
Extended deadline: Monday, November 7

Given considerable demand, we've extended the Innovation SABRE Awards- North America deadline to Monday, November 7 before midnight Pacific Time. There were a few questions we received from entrants that we think would be helpful for everyone, so we'll share those here.

How should I approach the Innovation SABREs versus the SABRE Awards North America? 
The Innovation SABREs are different than other SABRE competitions because, rather than looking at whole campaigns against practices and sectors, the Innovation SABREs spotlight the specific components of a campaign that make it cutting edge. With categories like digital marketing, content creation, brand narratives, integrated social media, video production and others, the Innovation SABREs are a chance to showcase your organization's transformation towards the future.
How do the Innovation SABRE Awards fit into the Holmes Report's other initiatives? 
The Innovation SABREs are among the award competitions that we take into account for our Creativity Index, the Top 40 Global Awards and when evaluating an organization's caliber of work for Agency of the Year consideration. 

More Details: 

*The  extended deadline is Monday, November 7 at midnight Pacific time and all entries can be submitted here.
* The full list of categories and their descriptions are available here. Be sure to read the category details and guidelines closely, as they do vary.

* The late entry fee is $345 and an entry can be entered in multiple categories with each additional category +$50.

* Most questions can be answered via the FAQs. Please reach out to Aarti Shah at [email protected] for any additional questions.

*  The 2017 jury draws upon some of the most innovative and forward-thinking professionals and companies within our industry, among them: Levi Strauss, Bloomberg, Andreessen Horowitz, Accel Partners, RSA and more. 

* The awards will be held in Chicago. For more info on key dates, please check here. You can look through last year's winners list here