MAIDENHEAD, UK--Intuit, the US firm best-known for its financial management software, is reviewing its UK PR account, currently handled by Hotwire.

The Holmes Report understands that pitches for the six-figure business are taking place this week. Hotwire won the business in 2008, and is believed to be defending its brief.

Intuit makes personal finance program Quicken, along with SME accounting program QuickBooks. It also owns online personal finance tracker, and produces a number of software solutions for small businesses and retailers.

It is thought that the company is aiming for broader visibility in the UK, beyond the SME market, and improved brand awareness. Hotwire’s initial remit for Intuit involved focusing on the QuickBooks brand.

In the UK, Intuit is also known for its support of entrepreneurship, and has worked with independent firm Seven Hills on its efforts in this area. 

Intuit is often viewed as an advanced user of social media, particularly in its development of online communities both inside and outside the company., meanwhile, has grown rapidly as more people use online services and apps to manage their finances.

Intuit UK did not respond to request for comment.