DUBLIN--The Irish government body charged with managing the country's assets and liabilities has kicked off a search for public relations support.

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) controls Ireland's National Asset Management Agency and National Pensions Reserve Fund, and is viewed as one of the "trickiest" PR briefs in the country.

Fees for the three-year contract are undisclosed, but the tender is expected to spark interest from numerous firms, given the size and complexity of the NTMA's operations. Other bodies under the NTMA include the State Claims Agency; the National Development Finance Agency and the New Economy and Recovery Authority (NewERA).

The business is currently handled by Gordon MRM, a firm established in 2009 by public affairs advisor Ray Gordon.

The NTMA is seeking particular assistance in terms of media relations and its overall communications strategy, bearing in mind the organisation's need to balance commercial sensititivies with a high level of public and media scrutiny.