The Holmes Report and NowGoCreate are launching the second edition of their landmark survey into creativity in the PR industry.

Conducted in association with Hill +Knowlton Strategies, the Creativity In PR study seeks to analyze the PR industry's efforts to develop breakthrough ideas as clients increasingly turn to them to drive brand-building efforts. The survey is powered by Newlio. 

Last year's study attracted more than 600 responses and revealed that the PR industry's increasing investment in creativity is starting to pay off, despite continued friction with clients over ideas and budgets.

If you work in the PR or marketing industries, your opinions are welcomed. The 10-minute survey can be accessed here.

The survey will again poll attitudes and opinions towards various key industry issues, including creative quality; definitions of creativity; factors that drive great work; training and recruitment; and the client/agency relationship.

The study is co-authored by the Holmes Report and NowGoCreate, a consultancy that helps companies and agencies improve their creative techniques. 

“The PR industry’s creative landscape has changed since we launched the first edition of the Creativity Report in PR in 2012," said said NowGoCreate founder Claire Bridges. "Then we wanted to quantify how important creativity was to agencies and in-house practitioners alike, and to uncover what if any, processes, tools and leadership practices were in place to drive it."

"In 2014, clients said they were considerably more likely to approach their PR agency for big ideas than a year ago," she added. "And many of the award-winning campaigns at Cannes demonstrate that media buys are increasingly supporting an editorial idea rather than the other way round. We’re excited to find out what’s changed in a year and your predictions for what the future of creativity will look like for our industry.”