The Most Tech Savvy Country, Korea:
Since South Korea is one of the savviest nations for internet with over 90% households having broadband internet access, CTTC Korea has focused in targeting Korean internet users to promote California as top leisure destination. CTTC Korea has developed a Korean version of the CTTC official Korean language website, which provides the site visitors with comprehensive travel information on California’s 12 regions. Since is a purely fact-oriented website, CTTC Korea developed a marketing website called Hotel California( with various photos and video clips, which will be more creative in terms of designs and contents so that it can attract younger generation Koreans in their 20s to 40s.
Having the Hotel California microsite as the marketing platform, CTTC Korea has executed various integrated media projects, which involves the print media, online media and celebrity components in to one media project.
<Hotel California Season II – Spread Image of Main Design>

Experience California virtually and Feel it, and Leave for California!
Hotel California Micro-Website
Hotel California ( is the imaginary cyber space; there is a hotel, named “Hotel California” which has 12 rooms so it representing 12 regions of California. The concept of the micro-site is to introduce California by hotel guests who are of notoriety such as TV celebrity, author, famous chef, athlete and etc. Each of the hotel guests visits each region of California and records their trip with lots of photos and videos and introduces their stories at Hotel California. Korean potential customers can experience the various parts of California virtually and feel how the trip to California is like as celebrity did.

Celebrity Invitation to Media Projects
By endorsing the hottest celebrity who has the well matched characteristics with California, CTTC Korea has promoted destinations in various type of travel theme. CTTC Korea has invited a rising Korean male actor, Mr. Jung Gyu Woon, a fashion icon, Ms. Hanbyul Park and a hot Korean female actress Ms. Seung Ah Yun as celebrity guests whose trip itinerary, photos and trip videos are uploaded in the micro-site. Their travel stories are being covered not only in Microsite but also in nation’s top fashion and travel magazine with beautiful fashion & travel shoot in most attractive spots in California.

Wine & Food Theme Art & Culture Theme
<Mr. Jung Gyu Woon in Napa Winery, SF> <Ms. Yoon Seung Ah in Getty Museum, LA>

Shopping & Nightlife theme
< Ms. Hanbyul Park in Melrose Avenue, LA>

Ensure the Korean Potential Customers by Press Coverage

Korean Media Exposure
CTTC Korea has coordinated the combined media fam trips to California, which we call it as a “off-and-online combined media project” covering various parts of California. To organize this integrated media project, CTTC Korea secured nation’s top print magazine like Singles or broadcasting stations like MTV so that we can carry the integrated shootings at once.
One example: CTTC Korea has invited a celebrity couple, Seven and Hanbyul Park, one of famous celebrity couples in Korea. Having Singles, a leading fashion and lifestyle magazine to do photo shoots with them in San Francisco, very natural couple pictorial showing their overseas trips to San Francisco are generated, and additional 4 pages has been separately dedicated as travel editorial coverage with details of San Francisco and nearby cities’ information. After the photo shoot, Celebrity team has traveled down to LA to take another shooting for Hotel California, with different theme which was “LA Shopping & Nightlife.”
CTTC Korea aimed that those celebrities would be playing a role to promote California with different theme, so Korean young generation could be motivated to visit California. All of their story stories and photos have been covered in three difference types of media, Hotel California Microsite, Magazine and social media, which is Cyworld.

Results & Accomplishments

? Hotel California Microsite won “Most Outstanding Website” at the Web Award Korea 2010: CTTC Korea’s “Hotel California Season II” has won the “Most Outstanding Website” award (webzine category) at the Web Award Korea 2010 which is the most prestigious annual website award in Korea sponsored by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency
? Hotel California Microsite delivered valuable and entertaining travel information on California with interactive features involving celebrities and print media that have appealed to young generation of Korean media.
? Total number of visitors to Hotel California in 2010: 290,581 (Daily # of visitors: 796.11)
? Total unique visitors to Hotel California in 2010: 181,539 (Daily # of U/V : 497.36)
? Media Exposure is up to 1.2 million