LONDON: International healthcare communications specialist WCG is joining forces with industry thought leader The Holmes Report to launch a new roundtable programme, exploring the most critical issues in the healthcare industry.

The series kicks off on 7 July in London, with a roundtable focusing on the challenges and opportunities that surround the topic of market access.

Over the past decade, access in healthcare has become increasingly challenging for suppliers and providers. In the current economic environment, health regulators are evaluating treatments for cost-effectiveness, a fourth dimension supplementing traditional concerns - safety, efficacy and manufacturing quality. Traditional commercialization approaches, including marketing and communications must adapt to the changing landscape and the variety of stakeholders in this healthcare debate must align and collaborate to improve access.
The invitation-only roundtable discussion will include international, European and UK health policy experts as well as an industry representative, health economist and patient representative. The debate will challenge the panel and audience members to reevaluate their roles and aim to spark a dynamic and honest debate among the group. 

The roundtable is taking place at 10am at WCG’s offices in central London, and is relevant for all players in the healthcare arena including marketing, market access and communications industry professionals and health service providers. Please email us if you would like to attend this event.