LONDON —  Pan-African fintech company, MFS Africa, has appointed London tech PR agency CCgroup to lead its marketing communications strategy across EMEA.

The assignment sees CCgroup aim to position MFS Africa as the leader in cross-border mobile financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. MFS Africa's digital payments hub currently connects more than 120m mobile wallets across the region – covering 75% of the market.

"MFS Africa has been quietly laying the foundations to drive accelerated growth," said Dare Okoudjou, CEO and founder at MFS Africa. "With the technology, team and partnerships in place, and customers knocking on our door, we decided it was time to boost our profile and raise awareness among potential customers."

CCgroup is working with MFS Africa to boost its corporate profile and increase awareness of the organisation among target audiences throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. CCgroup was appointed by MFS Africa due to its wealth of experience in the mobile financial services sector, unique knowledge of the market and strong relationships with traditional and non-traditional influencers.

"MFS Africa is solving the biggest problem in the mobile financial services market – scale. It is the only company that can transform mobile financial services from a fragmented landscape of closed, proprietary systems to an open, consolidated one and meet the needs of consumers, businesses and regulators across Africa," added  Daniel Lowther, head of fintech at CCgroup.