SAN FRANCISCO — MWW has tapped  Zeno EVP Molly Mulloy as the first general manager of its San Francisco office since significantly scaling back the outpost in 2010.

Mulloy is also co-leading MWW’s global tech practice. Meanwhile, MWW is searching for another tech practice lead to sit on the East Coast. Before taking on this role, Mulloy was EVP in Zeno’s Los Angeles office leading its digital lifestyle portfolio.

“MWW’s tech practice is really strong with clients like Samsung,” said Mulloy, who spent more than a year in Edelman’s Hong Kong office. “But there’s an opportunity to grow within gaming, digital marketing and an opportunity to work with Chinese companies looking to come to market in the US.”

With six people in its San Francisco office, MWW is reviving its Bay Area operation on the back of clients, like talent management company Saba Software, gift card provider Black Hawk Network, fitness app Runtastic and the Alliance for Wireless Power, said JP Schuerman, MWW’s Western region head who had been acting in a dual-role as GM of MWW’s Los Angeles and San Francisco offices. 

“The convergence of consumer and tech in San Francisco has continued to be our sweet spot,” Schuerman said. “But we’ve also broadened and expanded our enterprise chops.”

Rather than charge into San Francisco market with a senior hire, Schuerman said he’s been managing the Bay Area operation “in a scrappy manner” until the business grew enough to support senior talent.

Last fall, the MWW brought in Atomic’s Christopher Knight as SVP in the San Francisco office. Knight departed shortly after and has since joined Ruder Finn as its global head of tech. Mulloy is the first GM at MWW since Sharon Barclay left the office in 2009. After that, Bob Silver acted in a dual GM role for San Francisco and Seattle before leaving the firm in 2010.