NEW YORK—MWW Group has launched Net Relevance, a new proprietary measurement and analytics tool that is designed to dramatically change the way that brands and companies measure relevance—a critical component of MWW’s “Trust + Relevance = Action” philosophy—and anticipate and drive desired actions and outcomes on the part of their customers and key stakeholders.

Net Relevance goes beyond active listening to the prescriptive and predictive information about how relevance drives the propensity to act. It is designed to identify what makes a message or story relevant as well as insight into how that relevance is shared among peers, creating the kind of emotional connection to brands that drives sales, builds category leadership and creates brand intimacy and loyalty.

“Net Relevance provides the kinds of insights that brands need to become and remain relevant in a world where messaging and brand-speak have become white noise, even when the brand is trusted by its stakeholders,” said MWW Group president and CEO Michael Kempner. “Our industry has been in the trust business for years… but trust alone is no longer enough. Relevance is what makes us act.”

The firm will utilize its Net Relevance analytics across all practice areas, but sees particularly strong opportunities for consumer and business-to-business brand initiatives, corporate reputation programs and grassroots and public affairs issues campaigns.