MIAMI—Neuroscientist and author David Eagleman will be featured at The Holmes Report’s first Global Public Relations Summit, which will take place in Miami on October 29-31, bringing together industry leaders to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the public relations profession over the next decade.

In conversation with Ketchum chief executive Rob Flaherty, Eagleman will explore the way ideas and perceptions are formed in the brain and how unconscious decisions shape our daily lives and interactions.

He replaces author and journalist Jonah Lehrer, who will no longer be a part of the Summit lineup following controversy over his alleged plagiarism and fabrication of quotes in his writings.

A Guggenheim Fellow, Eagleman is known for his ability to connect scientific discovery to various fields, including literature, advertising, social media, and our justice system. His speeches deal with everything from how the brain rewires itself to why art and science must learn from each other and challenge audiences to recognize the beauty of the brain, question what we perceive as reality, and re-think what we know about human nature.

Eagleman holds joint appointments in the Departments of Neuroscience and Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and is the founder and director of the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law.

His neuroscience books include the New York Times bestseller Incognito, Live-Wired, and Wednesday is Indigo Blue. He writes regularly for the New York Times, Wired, Discover, Slate, and New Scientist, and is a repeat guest on NPR, discussing both science and literature. His novel, SUM, was named a Best Book of The Year by Barnes & Noble.