WASHINGTON, DC—APCO Worldwide is introducing a new offering to help companies and institutions manage communication efforts involving material issues and events.

“Every company will undergo a significant material issue or event over the course of its lifetime,” says Kent Jarrell, executive vice president and director of APCO’s Washington, DC-based litigation communication practice. “From mergers and lawsuits to product launches and leadership transitions, these events may greatly impact a company’s reputation, brand and financial stability, for better or worse.”

the material issues and events offering provides companies with an analysis of the environment heading into a major decision, delivers predictive counsel on the best possible outcomes and implements a strategic communication plan fully aligned with the organization’s action plan.

Through the firm’s proprietary Predictive Risk & Opportunity model, companies can differentiate risk and opportunity levels among various stakeholder groups, including the media, employees, regulators and financial community. This full-picture assessment serves as a focusing mechanism to determine the best use of attention and resources in the midst of managing a material issue or event.

The material issues and events team comprises a dynamic group of experts in corporate responsibility, litigation and financial communication, including Jennifer Millerwise Dyck, former director of public affairs at the Central Intelligence Agency; Mike Hotra, former director of legislation and communication for the American Tort Reform Association; Tilden Katz, litigation communication expert and former attorney; Ellen Mignoni, senior vice president in APCO’s global corporate responsibility practice; David Oarr, vice president, social media, APCO Online; Pete Wentz, former vice president of corporate communication and law for Helene Curtis Industries; and Jeff Zelkowitz, leader in APCO’s global financial practice.