NEW YORK--The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), a charity that helps develop treatments for the incurable form of blood cancer, has hired Ogilvy PR to support its fundraising efforts.

The MMRF is hoping that Ogilvy will help boost its media profile and attract more support for its efforts to accelerate drug development. The organization is the number-one private funder of multiple myeloma research, and uses a “for-profit” model to support its research portfolio.

The MMRF has raised more than $120m since its launch in 1998, helping support 15 treatments at various stages of development.

“The challenge is building awareness of the disease because it’s not something that people know,” said Jennifer Risi, the Ogilvy media influence EVP who is leading the account.

The campaign will include a particular focus on raising the visibility of MMRF CEO Kathy Giusti, via media outreach, speaking engagements and content creation.

“She’s done such a great job raising money, but this is all about finding people to give more money,” said Risi. “We want to make sure she is meeting a new group of influencers outside of the healthcare space.”

Earlier this year, the MMRF launched a landmark $40m study that analyzes multiple myeloma tissue samples, giving doctors, academics and private companies access to this data in a bid to accelerate drug development and generate personalized treatements.