Cleanliness of toilets is an important issue in terms of customer satisfaction for firms that have shared communal spaces. The majority of the society is of the opinion that the care shown to the cleanliness of institutions (such as restaurants, fuel oil firms, hospitals) is parallel to that of the care shown to their toilets.
Toilets rank high as places that contain high levels of risk in terms of hygiene. It is one of the places where "cross contamination", which might be described as movement of risk from one place to another, is high. For this reason, necessary amount of sensitivity should be required for cleaning practices.
The “Clean Toilet Campaign”, which was launched by OPET in 2000 and has become the longest social responsibility projects in Turkey, has aimed at prioritizing the issue of toilet cleanliness and hygiene issues in the country's agenda and creating a permanent public awareness in this respect. After having transformed the toilets in stations and making them hygienic as a first step towards this end, OPET has gradually expanded this project all across the nation and secured the perpetuality of this project through the cooperation of public and civil society.
Having launched the project works from its own stations, OPET has succeeded in rendering the following:
• The personnel at the stations are trained regularly in matters regarding toilet cleaning and hygiene.
• Upon taking into consideration the needs of disabled citizens, toilets for the disabled have been imposed as a necessary condition and standard for all stations.
• Baby diapers changing spots have been established in order to prevent babies from catching infections from toilets.
• It has taken its station network into the training scope by prioritizing the ones located in highways, touristic places and city centers and subjected them to thorough monitoring. Thus, it has managed to build toilets in international standards which could be used by the travelers with peace of mind and be appreciated by tourists visiting our country and set as an example for other institutions and corporations.

Having carried its Clean Toilet Campaign outside its stations, OPET has succeeded in the following:
• It has, through the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture, delivered seminars in the school all across the nation with over 1 million students with respect to the matter and it continues to deliver them.
• Through the National Education Directorates, is has trained principals, teachers and staff in cleaning and hygiene matters in 32 counties of Istanbul.
• It has launched “My Clean School Project" in all the schools associated with Istanbul Directorate of National Education, and brought all the schools in counties under supervision through honorary supervisors and educators, and rewarded the most successful 100 schools.
• It has produced advertisement films and cartoons and aimed at reaching a greater audience by airing such films on national and local TV channels.
• It has delivered seminars at hospitals and public institutions in various cities and distributed training CDs.
• It has trained toilet owners and cleaners associated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Agency Directorate.
• Having launched joint works with Turkish Infection Foundation, it has received training support regarding diseases spread through toilets.
• OPET still continues to deliver trainings within the scope of the project and it has;
- A team of 27 vehicles and 37 training staff
- Covered a distance of more than 1.000.000 km and traveled 72 cities all across the nation
- delivered 5.000 hours of training
- trained more than 1 million people with respect to correct and clean toilet use.

Distinguishing itself from its competitors by the Clean Toilet Campaign that is ongoing for 10 years, OPET has become a company today that is;
• Appreciated by its customers with letters of thanks
• the most preferred fuel oil company among the others due to its compliance with hygiene rules and materials,
• It is also the number one brand among the fuel oil stations for female customers and those who travel with their families.
• It uses media relations on constant basis to keep the issue in the national agenda and attract the attention of the public.
• With the campaigns “Toilet Cleaning and Hygiene” and “Risks and Diseases Caused by Drinking Tap Water" under the project “Potable Water, Clean Toilet”, courses were delivered to preschool and primary school students and 3500 teachers in Malatya. This awareness-raising campaigns carried out by OPET in cooperation with the Directorate of National Education of Malatya.
• The project has also attracted the attentions of public institutions and bodies so that the Turkish Republic State Railways has become interested in the project. According to the agreement made between OPET and TCDD, works have been commenced under the guidance of OPET to improve and hygienize the toilets in railway terminals, stations, locomotives and trains of the biggest public institution of Turkey that covers the whole nation like an iron network.