NEW YORK - The PR Council is launching its first advisory board, PRC Next, as a means of bringing next-gen leaders into the conversation about the industry’s future.

“The launch of a PRC Next board is almost a no-brainer,” said MBooth CEO Dale Bornstein, who will spearhead the group. “In an industry that is rapidly evolving, it is critical to meaningfully include the voices of our next generation leaders as we shape our future.”

The PRC Next board, which will be up and running in January 2018, will be charged with helping forward the industry by referring issues to PRC’s board of directors, as well as creating and fostering their own ideas and initiatives.

The PRC is currently accepting applications for the 12-member board, which can be submitted through the organization’s website, Applicants must submit a written application, as well as a video focused on their vision for the industry’s future. They also must include a short bio and job description, as well as their CEO’s endorsement.

Applicants must work in communications at a PRC member agency, and be in that job for at least a year. They also must have 5-15 years work experience, and be willing to serve a two-year term.