MIAMI BEACH--Integration between marketing and PR is becoming a reality, delegates heard at the Global PR Summit today.

In a discussion led by Makovsky & Co EVP Tim Kane, Procter & Gamble external relations director Paul Fox and Lenovo CMO Dave Roman discussed the challenges that continue to bedevil better integration between the two disciplines.

Fox noted that the PR industry needs to "be brave", rather than getting "crushed under the weight of data and analytics."

"I think if you have an idea and your gut tells you it’s a good idea, it probably is," added Fox. "The PR industry needs to innovate. I see it a lot in other disciplines, I see less of it in PR."

Roman pointed out that the PR discipline should remain business-focused, instead of "getting too lost in the story".

"You have to be much more open to this fact that you don;t really control this message," said Roman. "You can help shape it, but basically you have to act the way you want the market to perceive you."

Kane set the scene by presenting research the firm had conducted on integration, polling 175 marketers and comms heads at a VP level and above.

When asked in what areas marketing and PR do not work well together, 74 percent of respondents pointed to the struggle for ownership of the web and social media.

Roman, referring to this finding, explained that Lenovo had moved social media oversight out of the PR function, in order to help develop a less polished, more authentic digital presence, using ambassadors from across the country.

The study reported several other findings, identifying two specific issues that marketing can learn from PR - that reputation is the consequence of authentic behaviour of the organisation, and the power of storytelling.

In terms of driving collaboration, 58 percent pointed to highly visible crises brought on by greater transparency.