PRWeek is running its 2009 Global Report Card here. It was a rather interesting exercise putting this together. As ever, though, our best intentions were hamstrung by the continuing (and unnecessary) unwillingness of holding groups to provide revenue numbers for their individual agencies. I'll save the big rant about Sarbanes-Oxley for a later date. Instead, working with a few top-level sources, I've managed to compile some numbers for what the big networks are approximately worth. Global numbers will follow later this week. Today is all about China: increasingly becoming the key battleground for networks desperately seeking growth. Full ranking and numbers after the jump. These are estimates, but I think they are fairly accurate. Any concerns, please let me know. China PR agency revenues

Revenue in US$

Ogilvy PR including H-Line

$30 million

Weber Shandwick

$14 million

Blue Focus

$13 million

Edelman including Pegasus

$11 million

Hill & Knowlton

$10 million


$9 million


$7 million

Ruder Finn

$6 million

Apco Worldwide

$6 million

Manning Selvage & Lee

$3 million


$2 million


$2 million

Overall, the numbers are higher than I expected. Ogilvy is twice as big as its nearest rival, which confirms both its overall revenue leadership in Asia-Pacific, and its strong mainland operation. Weber Shandwick continues to impress, and I'm sure that Blue Focus remains a acquisition target. Agencies missing include Text 100 and Ketchum - if anyone can help on those, please let me know.