NEW YORK—Ruder Finn is forming an expanded global mobile and telecom practice to be led by industry veteran Christine Bock, most recently head of her own specialist California-based public relations firm. Bock will be supported by a core team of more than one dozen mobile and telecom specialists located throughout the United States and internationally.

Bock founded and was CEO of Bock Communications, which focused primarily on consumer and business-to-business mobile and telecom companies. Since launching the company in 1995, Bock has advised more than 85 mobile and telecom brands on how to build their business.

Richard Funess, president of Ruder Finn/Americas, says the new practice “will help us capitalize on the globalization of economies and cultures in which wireless communications is the bedrock of commerce, lifestyle, education and everything in between.” Ruder Finn has picked up business from companies such as Vonage, WiSpry, Box Tone, Symphony Technologies and AVG Technologies.

The new practice will work with a broad spectrum of companies in the mobile and telecom space, including hardware, software, applications, manufacturing, and consumer brands.