NEW YORK—Ruder Finn Group has launched Bloom Tech, part of the company’s new incubator agency Bloom — which focuses on the technology and health sectors. Bloom Tech will focus on establishing new approaches to transmedia storytelling with the latest technologies and analytical tools for impactful measurement.

To manage the new technology offer, Ruder Finn has brought on alumna Katja Schroeder (pictured) as managing director of Bloom Tech. Schroeder worked at Burson-Marsteller as global corporate lead before setting up her own consultancy, Expedition PR. She has worked with global brands including SAP, NEC, Planet Solar, and Alcatel-Lucent.

The agency is already testing new technologies, social channels and mobile platforms in an effort to create more personalized connections in a fragmented media landscape. It is designing new storytelling approaches that cover a variety of formats, such as film and video, virtual reality, comics, print, mobile, web content, music, games and location-based marketing.

According to Ruder Finn CEO Kathy Bloomgarden, “Every conversation I’ve had with our clients has been about how to achieve growth, be it new business expansion, delivering shareholder value, launching new products, or implementing brand strategies. In every case it boils down to creating an experience—internally, externally, through sales and through culture. This is what Bloom Tech will do."