NEW YORK—Six months after opening its first overseas office in London, US-based public interest public relations firm Fenton is expanding its international reach by launching a global network of like-minded firms. The network includes 19 companies throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and will be run from Fenton’s London office.

Partner firms will collaborate with Fenton on the development and implementation of international campaigns, focusing on environmental, health, energy, economic development, and other social issues, with a common focus on Fenton’s mission of accelerating social change.

Partners will also meet on a periodic basis to share ideas, case studies, and best practices.

“As we strive for global change, it’s crucial to have an understanding of local culture and values,” says Lisa Witter, chief change officer at Fenton. “The global network will provide us with these insights, allowing us to create targeted campaigns that reach the hearts and minds of the local community.”

There are member firms in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, and Spain.