MADRID--Códice Software, a Spanish R&D company that specialises in software design and development, has appointed Grayling to manage its corporate communications.

Specifically targeting software developers and IT systems managers in Spain and the US, the work will be coordinated from Grayling’s Madrid office. As part of its agreement with Códice Software in Spain, Grayling will develop a corporate communications programme to raise awareness of Códice Software’s products, principally in the US, and will also manage its new product launches.

The core objective will be to help clients and software developers gain better knowledge of the firm and its products, together with a greater understanding of its capabilities and full value proposition.

The international client coordination will be performed from the Madrid office under the leadership of Jorge Mezcua, account director at Grayling Spain and the coordination of Carmen Martos, the consultancy’s director of corporate communications.

“This is an exciting win for Grayling and is a testament to our proven ability to provide insightful strategic advice and to offer in-depth knowledge and technology expertise across multiple countries,” said Eduardo Fuentes, CEO of Grayling Spain. “Grayling has the right combination of experience and reach to deliver the best results for Códice Software and we are looking forward to contributing to the company’s continued success and to building its presence in key markets.”

In a second phase, the collaboration between the two firms may be broadened to include other key markets for Códice Software such as the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Asia.