WASHINGTON, DC —The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association has called upon Weber Shandwick as it looks to raise awareness of fuel cell vehicles.

The effort coincides with the introduction of FCVs and hydrogen infrastructure in California and lays the groundwork for expansion to new markets across the country. FCVs combine the emissions-free driving of battery electric vehicles with the range and convenience of a traditional gasoline car. Following the introduction in California, major automakers are paving the way to bring vehicles to new markets.

The FCHEA’s campaign will focus primarily on Northeast states where there is an opportunity to increase awareness about policies and partnerships required to create the initial infrastructure needed to support FCVs.
“We believe that our members’ continued success in technological innovation and commercialization of FCVs combined with Weber Shandwick’s strengths will lead to a successful partnership that educates and engages key influencers and audiences around the benefits of these vehicles," said Morry Markowitz, President of FCHEA. 
"Weber Shandwick’s long history with sustainability, as well as its expertise with the automotive sector makes the firm a good fit to move forward with our industry.”
“Our work together will leverage a variety of our firm’s strengths – communications, digital strategy and public affairs – and will be a great addition to our energy and sustainability portfolio,” said Pam Jenkins, president, Powell Tate | Weber Shandwick.