WASHINGTON, DC — The Turkish government has hired APCO to provide a range of PR services following the dramatic failed coup attempt in the country last month.

According to documents filed with the Justice Department, Turkey will pay APCO $74,200 for the two-week contract. APCO is charged with providing "media relations, crisis communications, third party outreach, and social media strategy and development within the United States all in furtherance of promoting positive relations between the Republic of Turkey and the United States."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blamed Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen, who resides in the US, for the coup attempt. Last week, a Turkish court issued a formal warrant for Gülen’s arrest, charging him with "ordering the July 15 coup attempt." Gülen denies the allegation.

APCO has worked for the Turkish Government in previous years, but has not filed any US work since 2007. Since then, much of Turkey's lobbying work in the US has been handled by Gephardt Government Affairs in the US, and law firm Amsterdam & Partners in the UK.

Following the failed coup attempt, Erdoğan has commenced a wide-ranging crackdown on various sectors, including the military, media, judiciary and civil service.