SAN FRANCISCO — W2O Group Tuesday reported hitting $144.3m in revenue in 2017, a 17.6% year-over-year increase that the agency largely credits to acquisitions that have expanded its capabilities since late 2016.

“What  I am most happy about is that it is organic growth based on how well the three (acquired) firms integrated in with the rest of us,” said founder and CEO Jim Weiss. Adding the firms — Pure, Marketeching and Sentient — helped expand W2O’s digital, analytics, martech and healthcare capabilities.

“It’s great to see that the plan is working,” Weiss said, adding that W2O’s expanded capabilities are in line with the way the larger industry is heading. “We are not coming up with superfluous offerings. We are coming up with things that are highly relevant and needed, and asked for, by our clients.”

Successfully integrating those companies and their offerings into the larger W2O Group was, and continues to be, a priority for Weiss.  In January, COO and client services head Jenn Gottlieb was named the agency’s president, gaining oversight of the firm’s three largest operating companies, allowing Weiss to focus on W2O/Sentient and W2O/Marketeching, as well as EMEA operations and the company’s overarching global strategy.

2017 was the independent holding group's 16th consecutive year of double-digit growth. It also comes on the heels of 2016's revenues of $123m, which represented eye-catching growth of 33%, also powered in part by acquisitions. That figure marked the first time W2O passed the $100m threshold, which occurred after selling a stake in the business to Mountaingate Capital and making the acquisitions.