SAN FRANCISCO — W2O has ceased operating VinTank — a combination social media monitoring, social media management and social CRM platform — that it bought last year to deploy beyond the wine and hospitality sectors.

"Last week, we made the difficult though necessary decision to discontinue operations of the VinTank wine customer platform," Bob Pearson, W2O's chief innovation officer said. "Over the last several months, it became clear this business and client base were not aligned with our firm's current and future business strategy and focus."

He added, W2O will continue to develop VinTank's technology (rebranded TMWR Engine) to use for its existing client base. VinTank built profiles for consumers, primarily for the wine sector. The profiles aggregate geo-data, social media content and other available information to assign each person a score. 

W2O plans were to deploy the software to industries beyond wine and hospitality. When the purchase was made, W2O issued a statement that VinTank "will be a key critical piece of the W2O software SaaS suite, which enhances and enables service excellence."

Earlier this year, W2O cut about 20 staffers as part of an agency realignment. This year, the company also sold a stake to a private equity firm.