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The Holmes Report has partnered with Ogilvy for a multi-part series looking at creativity in PR from a variety of angles. Part 3 explores the evolution of social and digital — and how improv can improve one's PR game — with the agency's managing director of content and social Kathy Baird. Then we look at another angle of creativity with the emergence of microtribes as harbingers — or even supplanting — mass pop culture. For this discussion, we bring on M Booth’s chief insights and planning officer  Bonnie Ulman — and its chief creative officer AG Bevilaqua. 

Show Notes
Part 1 of the Creativity Series on Diversity
Part 2 of the Creativity Series on the News Media Landscape & Fake News
Strong Opinions Loosely Held 
Strong Opinions Loosely Held — Teenage Girls Are Magic 

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