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José A. Llorente @José A. Llorente

RT @holmesreport: By @paulholmespr 'Is The CCO An Endangered Species?' http://t.co/W2YUnDtLe7 via @HolmesReport #WPRF2014

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Sarika Mukesh Waje @Sarika Mukesh Waje

RT @holmesreport: MSLGroup Names New UK Leadership After Jeremy Sice Steps Down http://t.co/A9rKV9v0ay

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Sarika Mukesh Waje @Sarika Mukesh Waje

@msl_group names UK Leadership after Jeremy Sice Steps Down http://t.co/s8cOGEpgqs via @HolmesReport

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Arun Sudhaman @Arun Sudhaman

And @jamesdotwarren joins board RT @holmesreport: MSLGroup Names New UK Leadership After Jeremy Sice Steps Down http://t.co/heQFlbmxkX

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The Holmes Report @The Holmes Report

MSLGroup Names New UK Leadership After Jeremy Sice Steps Down http://t.co/A9rKV9v0ay

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Boson Group @Boson Group

1. The talent crunch bites hardest at the mid-level 2. Ask for forgiveness rather than permission 3. The rise of... http://t.co/OyBZXOGgk3

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    As Starbucks embarked on its 40th anniversary celebration, the company was determined to showcase a forward-looking community engagement model....
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Youth Marketing In 2014: A Guide

 elesarski, 22 Sep 2014

In my opinion it does not matter the age of the customer. In order to make him buy we just have to attract his atention.This may happen via advertising ...

Uniqlo's Aldo Liguori : Tokyo Rising

 this article is boring, 18 Sep 2014

this guy doesnt seem to know PR from his ABCs and only knows BS. he keeps saying "depending on the industry" because he knows very little.

Harnessing Social Impact To Drive Consumer Demand

 Majestic MRSS Complaints, 09 Sep 2014

Thanks for sharing the article with us

UK Native Advertising Market Poised For Growth

 Aaron Mahl, 08 Sep 2014

I'm not surprised in the least by these projections, although I will say that I expect mobile to play a much bigger role in the growth of native ads th ...

Weber Shandwick Named Asia-Pacific Consultancy Of The Year

 Keith Woods-Holder, 02 Sep 2014

well done to Charles and the team at SharpeLankester - one to watch for sure

Global Comms Head Scott Sykes Departs Huawei

 TheNewBalance, 15 Aug 2014

Another western one finds out the Chinese dragon is a mysterious and painful master to serve and that there's no such thing as honor amongst thieves.

Are We Shattering The Glass Ceiling For Lesbian/Gay Communications Professionals?

 David Landis, 11 Aug 2014

Fred - wonderful comments and I can't believe I didn't see them until a year later. Besides which, since you're in San Francisco, I can't believe our ...

Rick Gould Re-Launches Independent Financial Services Firm

 Todd Defren, 11 Aug 2014

Rick has my highest recommendation. Good luck, friend!

 donbates, 09 Aug 2014

Rick is also an attorney, which makes him a strong one-two punch for any kind of merger or acquisition, and a great source of comfort for both buyer an ...

Michael Law Succeeds Dave DenHerder as Burson's US CEO

 Mark Stouse, 31 Jul 2014

Congratulations, Michael! They made the right choice!

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