Mark Jackson @Mark Jackson

Changes afoot as @jdonaldson1 leaves @WeberShandwick for role at @Fleishman via @holmesreport #goodluck

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Duncan Burns @Duncan Burns

@holmesreport @jdonaldson1 Congrats Jim! Good luck

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Jim Donaldson @Jim Donaldson

RT @holmesreport: Jim Donaldson Departs Weber Shandwick To Lead UK/Middle East At Fleishman

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Comm. News Live @Comm. News Live

Jim Donaldson Departs Weber Shandwick To Lead UK/Middle East At Fleishman via @holmesreport |

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Arun Sudhaman @Arun Sudhaman

RT @holmesreport: Jim Donaldson Departs Weber Shandwick To Lead UK/Middle East At Fleishman

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The Holmes Report @The Holmes Report

Jim Donaldson Departs Weber Shandwick To Lead UK/Middle East At Fleishman

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#GivingTuesday: A Dedicated Day of Giving

Marian Salzman, 09 Nov 2014

The Rising Importance Of Small Data

Bob Pearson, 26 Oct 2014

Doing The Right Thing Makes Good Business

Mark Paterson, 19 Oct 2014

Tencent's SY Lau: 'WeChat Serves To Build Trust'

 SEO Singapore, 20 Nov 2014

wechat is more useful than email marketing now. That's why the website

The Cost Of Poor Communications

 Tammy Xu, 20 Nov 2014

Hi David,
It is really interesting information regarding on ineffective communication from leader's perspective which is very useful on leafership self ...

Rene Mack Leaves Weber Shandwick To Become President Of Percepture

 Tirun Travel, 18 Nov 2014

Royal Caribbean International is the world's largest and most innovative cruise line.

Singapore Hires PR Agencies To Build Global Investment Profile

 Sunny Sooi, 03 Nov 2014

Does it mean that local media companies are not very good so much so that EDB iwas forced to select a ang moh media company to do its PR work. How tale ...

PRSummit: Succession Planning Should Begin On Day One

 Corey Rosen, 28 Oct 2014

ESOPs are a great way to provide for succession planning. Few plans actually require employees to give up pay for stock, however. Generally, in an ESOP ...

 Jeremy Pepper, 28 Oct 2014

My old boss called it the "if you got hit by a bus and die, do you have a plan in place to keep business moving forward" plan.

A New Age Of Protection For Chinese Consumers

 bill, 20 Oct 2014

Perhaps $607 million, and not billions of dollars? (RMB 3.8 billion / 6.26/$) $600 billion would be roughly 10% of the entire GDP, so let's hope it is ...

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