Buzz Report: Samsung's Official Olympic Phone
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Buzz Report: Samsung's Official Olympic Phone

Samsung leveraged its Olympic phone launch to good effect, according to new analysis from Meltwater Buzz.

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As the 100-day countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games began, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy SIII as the event's official phone, sparking plenty of online conversation.

Using social media intelligence tool Meltwater Buzz, an analysis of online reaction reveals a fairly positive tone. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter was the most popular social media platform used to discuss the news, hosting 74 percent of the conversations and, as expected, the largest volume of buzz (94 percnt) was created on the day of the announcement.

Interestingly, the news generated no negative conversations, with 22 percent of discussions indicating a positive sentiment and the remaining 78 percent remaining neutral.

The Galaxy SIII launch is expected to ramp up competition between Samsung and Apple, which will roll out the iPhone5 in the next few months. Online reaction revealed considerable speculation around the Galaxy SIII's features, including particular interest in whether it will offer contactless payment.


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