Gartner Launches International Network Of Independent Consultants
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Gartner Launches International Network Of Independent Consultants

German corporate communications veteran Ulrich Gartner is launching a new global network of independent consultants, InfiniteLatitude

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FRANKFURT—German corporate communications veteran Ulrich Gartner, founder of Gartner Communications, is launching a new global network of independent public relations consultants, InfiniteLatitude, that will offer clients access to international communications expertise without the cost often associated with retaining traditional network agencies.

InfiniteLatitude connects 24 corporate communications professionals in China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, India, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the United States, and Ecuador. Each member of the network has a minimum of 15 30 years of experience, and several of them have previously held top in-house positions. All currently operate from boutique shops and often collaborate virtually, with low overheads.

In the US, InfiniteLatitude will be represented by veteran corporate communicator Robert Grupp, now a principal at Grupp Global Partners, which has offices in Florida, Michigan, New York and Beijing.

“There is an unmet demand from clients who must communicate internationally in a strategic manner, yet are put off by the cost levels usually required to retain any of the large network agencies,” Gartner says. He adds that the idea was first launched via the social networking site LinkedIn in late 2011, and immediately attracted the interest of senior consultants.


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