Montgomery Wins New Business, Grows 21 Percent
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Montgomery Wins New Business, Grows 21 Percent

Paul Holmes

SAN FRANCISCO, October 25—The Montgomery Group, a San Francisco public relations firm specializing in marketing and corporate communications, has landed a new media and investor relations account: Primecore, a private real estate investment trust specializing in high-end residential real estate construction loans in northern California.
At the close of its fiscal year last month, TMG realized a 21.6 percent increase in fees compared to the prior year. “We feel fortunate that we have been able to buck some current trends in our industry and I am especially grateful to our hard-working staff,” says TMG president Steve Pisinski. “Our traditional practice areas of financial services, food & beverage, industrial and tourism have provided some growth
as well as stability during the last 12 months.”
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